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Events Productions

AV and Stage Systems for live-events like conferences, concerts, and ceremonies.

Stage Building

In cooperation with our trusted providers, we build the stage system with all the needed equipment like truss system, podium, and projection screens.

Show Control

We use Coolux Media Servers, German award-winning controllers, in our productions for the stability and the capabilities they provide during the show. Like the ability to load unlimited video/audio contents and to display them on projection screens or LED screens at a specific time depending on the schedule of the show.

Projection Mapping

The experience of our team in Coolux operations is our best advantage. From projection on curved screens to projection on complex shapes, using Coolux is the best choice for blending the image of multiple projectors and for controlling the timeline of the show.

In addition to live-stream from cameras or other input streams, the show can be fully controlled in a flexible way to get along with the scenario of the event.



We provide the best technical and creative solutions for your event to make it cool and effective.

Our consultants provide you with a full study on what you need for your event from concepts to equipment and setup.

Interactive Concepts

We provide interactive solutions that can be applied on the stage to make the show more dynamic and interactive with the movement of people or objects on the stage.

Live-Tracking System (ID-TAG)

Id-Tag is a new technology developed by Coolux, a German award-winning company which is specialized in media server productions. This technology enables the application of live-tracking system on moving objects on the stage. By applying this live-tracking system on an object or a person, the coordination of the object on the stage is recognized immediately by the system, therefore, projection or light moving-heads can track and follow the movement to keep the light on it wherever it moves on the stage in real-time.


Make Your Events Cool!